Rahmanyan Trading .Co LTD Services


Importing stratgics products such as wheat, flour in food industry and gas and petrol in oil industry enables us to feel our country most essential needs.


Exporting our Watani products and finding market for it is not an easy job, but our country needs it,and we are the palyers to make it possible. Afghanistan fruits and vegetibles, either fresh or dried are quite uniqe.


We provide supply chain management platform, it's mean that we facilitate to find, deal, purchase and deleiver everything for everyone.

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Summary of Our Main Businesses

We are providing wide range of services, all relevent to our core activity. The services are listed as below

Importing petroleum products

Importing petroleum products.

Importing wheat

Importing wheat is most importat one.

Importing fertilizers

Importing fertilizers from best and trastable sources.

Importing sugar

Importing sugar Importing sugar for confectionery usage.

Exporting fruits

What is importat for us is export to bring value to our country.

Exporting vegetables

Exporting vegetables is core of export depatment.

Transportation services

Providing transportation services for our customers.

Storage facilitie

Providing storage facilities for petroleum products.


Our main objectives included but not limited to list below as well we are expanding it by everyday monitoring and evaluation of our company preformences along with staff assestmentsin every months to get the best result and profites possible from the unstable markets.

  • mporting and exporting high-quality products
  • Keeping the prices of products and goods stable, considering people’s income
  • Gaining reputation in the global market
  • Gaining trust of Afghanistan people with loyalty

Core Values

Our limited company maintains the following values as a guideline to its business activities:

  • Developing the economic trade of Afghanistan
  • Addressing Afghan people’s needs regarding raw materials
  • Maintaining high reputation in the global market
  • Building a positive and safe space for customers
  • Building a positive and safe space for customers
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