About Rahmanyan Trading .Co LTD


Importing stratgics products such as wheat, flour in food industry and gas and petrol in oil industry enables us to feel our country most essential needs.


Exporting our Watani products and finding market for it is not an easy job, but our country needs it,and we are the palyers to make it possible. Afghanistan fruits and vegetibles, either fresh or dried are quite uniqe.


We provide supply chain management platform, it's mean that we facilitate to find, deal, purchase and deleiver everything for everyone.

About Rahmanyan Trading .Co LTD

The Rahmanyan Trading Limited Company has been active in terms of importing and exporting different products for the past 20 years. This limited company has been directed by Alhaj Abdul Rahman Ahadi, the president, and Mr. Abdul Ghani Ahadi, the vice president. Rahmanyan Trading Limited Company is associated with EmadErfanAhadi Ltd, Rahmanyan Petroleum Ltd, FanusHerai Ltd, and EmranShokran Ltd., and the owners of the mentioned companies are part of the same family.

Commodity Trading

This giant major company has high reputation in the trading market of Afghanistan as the company has been appreciated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan many times. Since Rahmanyan Trading Limited Company demonstrate honesty and integrity in its business, the company has been developing on daily basis. The biographies of Alhaj Abdul Rahman Ahadi, president of the company, as well as Mr. Abdul Ghani Ahadi, the vice president of the company are provided below for further information.









Our Team

Rahmanyan Trading .Co LTD leads by Ahadi Family, who has a lot of experienced and potential young traders.

Alhaj Abdul Rahman Ahad

The President

Alhaj Abdul Rahman Ahadi was born in Hendawan Village, Enjil District of Herat Province in 1952. He has completed his secondary schooling in Hendawan Village and has obtained his high school diploma from Imam Fakhr-e-Razi High School.

Mr. Abdul Ghani Ahadi


Mr. Abdul Ghani Ahadi was born in Herat Province in 1357. He completed his secondary schooling in MahjoobaHerawi School and obtained his high school diploma from Mowafaq High School.

Ahmad Khalid Ahadi

General Manager

Khalid is one of the youngest leaders in Rahmanyan Trading .Co LTD, Who has acheived more than half of the frim income

Jawid Ahmad Ahadi

Chief Executive Officer

He is an Engineer, and he knows every detials of projects Rahmanyan Trading is doing. He leads entire company and staffs.

What We Do

RTLC has imported 1/4 of all petroleum products like, Gas, petrol, and engine oil used of Afghanistan

In our believe imported Wheat and fertilizers products are our most valuable activities amongst all act ivies in our firm

Afghanistan imports of Sugars and sugar confectionery was US$61.97 Million during 2016, according to the United Nations COMRADE database on international trade.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said Thursday that the country will export nearly 300,000 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to Russia as Moscow has applied customs duty exemption on Afghan products.

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